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Ten years of fluid fertiliser research and agronomic experience is now summarised in the release of the Fluid Fertiliser Manual, available at the Fluid Manual page.

This manual provides a comprehensive description of fluid fertilisers, application technologies, agronomic trial results and includes a simple Economic calculator for growers to compare costs and responses of fertiliser types and allows an economic analysis of conversion costs to be calculated for any size property. The manual is available on-line free of charge, and hard copies can also be purchased for a cost of $77.00 inclusive of GST and postage. If you would like a hard copy version, please contact Arris Pty Ltd on

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This website is operated and supported by University of Adelaide and Arris Pty Ltd, as a service to the growers interested in fluid fertiliser technologies. Research on fluid fertilisers has ceased due to lack of support for research in this area. We will try to maintain periodic updates to information on fluid fertilisers available on this website.

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