Fluid Fertiliser Farm Evaluation Trials

One of the questions frequently asked by growers is, "Will fluid fertilisers work on my farm?"

The results of field investigations into the relative effectiveness of fluid and granular fertilizers applying P + N + micronutrients to calcareous soils indicate that fluids can be up to 15 times more effective than equivalent granular products in promoting grain yield.

To answer their question, growers whose soil type has not been covered in a research program may need to run an on-farm trial to asses whether the use of fluid fertilisers will provide an economic benefit through improved yields or better fertiliser efficiency.

Researchers need to consider many factors to ensure that the results of trials are valid. Trials need to be well designed and executed to ensure that: appropriate comparisons are made, variation due to external factors is minimised, and that the results can be interpreted in a meaningful way.

The attached document, "Testing fluid fertilisers with strip trials on farm", will assist farmers in the design, management and analysis of on-farm trials.

Statistical analysis of the results is a crucial part of any trial. To assist with this process an appropriate trial design has been included in "Testing fluid fertilisers with strip trials on farm", accompanied by a package which they can use to analyse their results. If growers, adhere to the designs and suggestions they can be confident of the results and their interpretation of them.

Trial result analysis tool

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