Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will fluid phosphorus fertilisers produce similar results on pastures as they do for crops?

The answer: in theory they should but we do not have any evidence to say so definitely at this stage. We have found to date that the relative effectiveness of fluid P forms compared to granular P depends heavily on soil type. We also have some preliminary evidence that fluid P can outperform granular P on acid soil types (which comprise a lot of the land sown to pasture in southern Australia) but we will know a lot more about their response on acid soils after a new project, funded by the GRDC, that aims to assess the efficiency of fluids on a national basis, gets underway. However it is important to remember that many of the principals that govern the use of granular P fertilisers also apply to the use of fluids. Importantly, its always best to band your phosphorus with the seed (or just below it) rather than topdressing. In fact, with some forms of fluid P, such as phosphoric acid, you will harm the pasture if you top-dress. Secondly the best response to fluids will occur if other factors eg. weeds, disease, insects etc are not limiting the growth of your pasture.
- Roger Armstrong, Victoria DPI

2. How much does it costs to convert my seeder to fluids?

"The cost of setting up for fluid application varies greatly - other farmers and companies like Liquid Systems could comment on the range of costs involved, while Fertisol can advise on storage, pumps and suitable fittings to handle the full range of fluid products. This question needs to be prefaced by "what are you looking for and how much do you want to spend?"
- John Kirk, Manager Fertisol

"Anything from 10 to $70k, depending on level of sophistication. Liquid Systems does the best job of high tech conversions"
- Bob Holloway, SARDI

3. Where do I buy the product eg. APP, UAN etc?

"Farmers can buy Poly Phos (APP) and Supa N42 (UAN) from all Landmark stores and other leading resellers"
- Owen McCarron, Agrichem

"Agrichem, Spraygro, and Fertisol sell a range of fluid fertiliser products. Fertisol sells NP phosphoric acid based products. Redox or Albright and Wilson or Elders for phos acid. Our financial analysis indicates that the unit cost of P should be around $3-4.50/kg P. Maybe up to $5 but that is really pushing it. UAN is also very expensive compared to WA prices, eg in SA $1000/1000L shuttle at 420 gN/L or $1.00/420 g/N or $2.38/kg N. I'm not sure about the current urea price but even at $350/tonne it is $0.76/kg N. I think that is why a lot of farmers are dissolving urea in phos acid. Suspensions should be considerably cheaper!
- Bob Holloway, SARDI

"FERTISOL has APP, UAN N42%, NP / NPK and a range of other liquid fertilisers available for delivery from Burton (Adelaide), plus trace element solutions and a balanced nutrient foliar applied product - would be pleased to quote to any interested party.
- John Kirk, Manager Fertisol
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